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ISO Property
1 IM21M ABS Medium Flow, Medium Impact, Medium Rigidity
2 IMGS 20 SAN+GF 20% High Rigidity, Excellent Thermal & Dimensional Stability
3 TIM200 ABS Transparent ABS
4 IM17SHG ABS+PMMA High Gloss, Antiscratch
5 IMG 1120 ABS + GF 20% High Rigidity, Excellent Thermal & Dimensional Stability
6 KU650N ABS High Heat Resistant
7 IM21V ABS Super High Gloss, High Rigidity
8 IPM3000 ABS+PMMA Super High Gloss, High Scratch resistance
9 IM17ATT ABS High Flow, Medium Impact
10 IM17A DLW ABS Medium Flow, White Undertone