our products : ABS

BEPL has the second largest market share in India. ABS is a highly-functional plastic known for its strong heat resistance and impact resistance. It is highly processable and can be manufactured in various colors. 


  • ABS with properties of painting and electroplating distinguishes itself from other polymers.
  • It is popular for its durability and impact resistance feature.
  • It comes in three different categories/types i.e. for injection moulding, for extrusion and for blow moulding  .
  • It also finds its way in various applications including Home Appliances, Automotives, Electronics and Electricals etc. with wide range of colours and shades.

Key Applications

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • Healthcare
  • Packaging
  • Electrical

product classification

grade features application action
General Purpose Injection Moulding Toy, Switch, Containers, Mixer & Grinder
General Purpose High Gloss Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machine, Water Purifier, Refrigerator End cap
General Purpose Super High Impact Helmet, Suitcase
General Purpose High Flow Air Conditioner, Cooler, Office Automation
General Purpose Electroplating Refrigerator Handles, Automotive Door Handles, Two Wheeler
Extrusion Flame Retardant Pipes, Profiles, Sheets
Extrusion Chemical Resistant Refrigerator Liners
Heat Resistant High Flow Radiator Grill, Automotive Exterior
Heat Resistant Blow Moulding Automotive Spoilers
Heat Resistant Medium Flow Automotive Interior
Flame Retardant FR - V0 (UL Certified) Electrical and Electronic Applications, UPS Battery Housing
Flame Retardant FR - V0 Electronic Voting Machines
Flame Retardant FR - V2 (UL Certified) TV Back Panels, LED Lighting Applications
Transparent Transparency Washing Machine Lids, Cosmetic Packaging
General Purpose Paintable Two Wheeler Parts
General Purpose Medium Flow,High Impact UPS Battery Housing
Extrusion High Impact Sheets, Pipes, Profiles
General Purpose Blow Moulding Automotive Spoiler, Front Bumper Guard