Growth through Innovation

Innovation is crucial and is considered as the backbone of an organisation. A company’s design should be such that allows it to grow and be profitable at the same time. BEPL helps people connect quality and excellence, highlighting its strength to stay above competition.

Our mission is to be the lowest cost producer of ABS in India, with quality standards, ‘at par’ with the global competition. ABS market in India continues to grow at around 15% CAGR and the consumption in the fiscal 2019 was in the region of 300 KTPA.

BEPL provides its customers with a bouquet of products (i.e. different grades and shades of ABS and other polymers) thereby fulfilling their specific requirements.


Polymers are essentially used in the manufacture of various plastic products.

The manufacturing plants are located at Abu Road, Rajasthan and Satnoor, Madhya Pradesh.

BEPL reaches its customers through its regional offices situated at Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram & Pune and its head office at Mumbai.

BEPL enhanced its strength by adding to its existing bouquet of offerings in Super High Heat Resistant grades lineage named “ABSTRON KU-SERIES” including ABSTRON HR60N, KU600N, KU602, KU603, KU650N, KU650NH, KU660 & KU670.


Bhansali Nagar,Taluka Sausar, Post: Pardsinga, Dist.: Chhindwara, Satnoor 480 108, (Madhya Pradesh) India.




Plot no. SP-138-143, Ambaji Industrial Area,
Abu Road,Sirohi 307026, (Rajasthan) India.



Satnoor Plant

The first production of ABS began in 1990 in the manufacturing plant at Satnoor, which was set up in collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical Ltd., Japan. This plant was set up in collaboration with Nippon considering their five decades of experience in the Japanese Auto Market. The Plant is spread over 3,61,708 Sq.Mtrs. The plant has the capacity of manufacturing 15,000 Mts. of High Rubber Graft (HRG) powder per annum, which is used for manufacturing of ABS Resins. Around 181 employees at various levels are associated with the functioning of the Plant.

Abu Road Plant

The Abu Road Plant in Rajasthan is spread over 1,12,661 Sq. Mtrs. The plant has the compounding capacity of 137 KTPA. The compounding expansion project (from 100 KTPA to 137 KTPA) was totally funded through internal accruals and the Company continues to be a ‘Zero Debt Entity’. Around 223 employees at various levels are associated with the functioning of the Plant.
BEPL has established state-of-the-art Research and Development centre in Abu Road, which is identical to the R&D center of Nippon A&L, Inc, Japan for application development.
The product development and marketing strategy of Nippon A&L Inc., focuses on automotive sector, for which the Company is now concentrating on deepening market penetration in this segment by effectively positioning all the licensed products of Nippon A&L Inc.