Case Study

As we take new steps in moving ahead as leaders of ABS applications, we put our customers at the core of our organization; enhancing our long-term growth as company. At BEPL, we’re growing and spreading our technical acumen. We’ve documented some cases

Material Solution through Application Development

With support from our joint venture company, Nippon A & L, Japan and equipped with high tech instruments, our R & D team is well adept to provide material solutions to our customers via application based development.

  1. High Impact Spools

    One of our customerswas facing cracking problem at part level testing from the current raw material. We supplied high impact ABS to rectify the same, this does solve the cracking problem but they found process ability of the new material to be infeasible leading to more cycle time during moulding. New material was developed to incorporate the process ability of one and impact strength of another. The new material not only contented with the customer requirements but also provided viability in process.