We are recognized for our unmatched quality and service. We are one of the leading ABS supplier to the automotive, appliances and electronic industries. We formulate variety of resins to meet customer's specifications.

Our Engineering Plastics with exceptional performance in processing and quality. ABStron, SANtron & TRANStron have an eminent stand in the India's Appliances market. Diverse range of applications like Refrigerator liners, TV Stand Base, Frames, Gyser bodies, Switch Panels, Juicer, Mixer, Chopper Body to Stationery Items, Toys.

Major Appliances

BEPL offers a wide range of products having material properties which are required for home appliances. Major applications includes Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Television and Washing Machine. BEPL grades are available in various colors and are easily processable. BEPL products form an integral part of a variety of home appliances. BEPL grades are designed to meet the performance, aesthetic as well as technical requirements of its clients.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics is the rapidly changing market and consumers tend to go for latest designs. BEPL grades are capable of delivering the excellent quality, colors and material properties to meet the marlet demands. We ensure our customers stay competitive in this demanding market. Our industry specific approach, drives us to develop optimized solutions for our cusomters.

Kitchen Appliances

BEPL solutions provide a reliable material with high surface quality. BEPL solultions provide mechanical strength, stability, and chemical resistance which makes it ideal for the Kitchen environment. We make solutions which are designed to meet performance and industry standards.

Electrical & Electronics

BEPL polymers are the ideal choice for electronic safety devices like Switch, Security Systems, CCTV Cameras, Energy Solutions like Lighting and Access Control Systems. We offer superior surface quality, resistance, weatherability and suited for high voltage plugs. Our specialised Flame Retardant - UL Certified grade line up great for these applications.


Based on the product features viz. high impact resistance, anti static properties and specifications of FDA, BEPL products are used in a variety of applications including luggage, textile bobins & sleeves, stationery items and toys . 
BEPL has been diligently manufacturing two wheeler parts; with mechanical endurance and high performance. We supply our grades to renowned two wheeler and four Wheeler OEM's Nationaly,. Our Grades are used for other applications like helmets, bus body, and truck cabinets as well. We are instrumental in creating the rear lamp housing units for cars, the interiors of the cars namely; the inside handle, navigation features, speedo meter, switch panel and deco parts are all painstakingly our proud products. We have been active in the automotive front with the creation of plastics highly suitable for applications like wheel caps, the housing units of the side mirrors as well.

Exterior for Automotives

Our portfolio offers variety of grades with qualities like painting, metal plating, mechanical durability and weatherability which are essential for automotive exterior applications. We create tailor made innovative material solutions for strutural automotive parts.

Interior for Automotives

We offer improved ABS/ PC-ABS line up with well balanced mechanical properties at wide range of Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) and superior paintable properties which are suitable for different applications of automotive interior.

Front for Automotives

Car Designs are constantly changing which makes it more necessary to bring improvised solutions. Car Manufacturers are always looking for solutions to match the new market trends, eco friendly solution and improve aesthics of the new products, BEPL solutions are constantly matching the industry standards to make the manufacturers achieve the quality of cars they want to deliver to their customers.


BEPL offers range of grades consisting an ideal combination of paintability, high impact strength and improved flow properties which are suitable for two-wheeler applications.